Application for Student Visa enrollment

Entrance Application period COE result
April The previous year Jun. to Oct.     Feb.
October That year Jan. to May.     Aug.

Form downloads

Set of Application Forms (Excel)

Required documents

Applicant relations

a.) Application form
b.) CV + Statement of purpose (w. Japanese translation)
c.) Financial support statement (w. Japanese translation)
d.) Passport copy
e.) ID photos (3x4cm, 6 pieces)

Academic relations

a.) Graduation certificate (Final education)
b.) Transcript (Full years)
c.) Japanese language course certificate (150hr or more)
d.) NAT/JLPT cerificate (N5 or higher)

Notarized documents

a.) Birth certificate
b.) Family relationship certificate
c.) Occupation certificate
d.) Income verification(Last 3 yr)
e.) Tax payment verification(Last 3 yr)

Bank documents

a.) Bank balance certificate
b.) Transaction record(Last 6 months)

Application procedure

1. Email document scan copy to school
2. Online interview (Skype)
3. School admission result
4. Mail the original form of documents to school
5. Proxy COE application at Tokyo immigration
6. COE issue
7. Tuition payment
8. Student visa application at Japan embassy
9. Accommodation/Flight booking
10. Entrance

Postal address

Oarai International Exchange Academy | Admission office

7986-52 Isohamacho Ooaraimachi Higashi-ibaraki Ibaraki 311-1301 JAPAN
Ph : +81-29-266-1929