Welcome to Oarai International Exchange academy!

Great environment for Study and Work

Oarai International Exchange Academy is a new established Japanese language school in 2014 located in Oarai Ibaraki. Rich in nature and best environment for both study and work, we provide a part time job to students who wish to work during their campus life. We are eager to support all students in study and in livelihood.

Half day at school, Half day at work

Students are allowed to work within 28 hours a week. Oarai Academy provides students a part time job that makes their life in Japan easier. So please let us know if you wish to start working. Most work we provide relates to fish processing and all factories are associates of school.

School information

Organization Prominence Inc.
Name of school Oarai International Exchange academy
Address 7986-52 Isohamacho Ooaraimachi Higashi-ibaraki Ibaraki 311-1301 JAPAN
Phone +81-29-266-1929
FAX +81-29-219-5393
Email info@oarai-academy.com
Website http://oarai-academy.com
Establishment April.2014
Capacity 100 students
Class rooms 6 classes
License Designated school by Tokyo immigration bureau